Collaborative scenarios. Taking a flexible, adaptive approach to technology solutions.

We combine our technology expertise with yours to help you reach your business objectives for an outsourced call center.

We learn about your business processes, adapt our technology to accommodate and enhance them, and deliver a custom solution for your brand care needs.

Technology and brand care

There are many ways to provide superior customer care. Each of our clients’ support organizations has its own method of addressing opportunities and solving problems. Our job is to understand their method and make it our method when working with their customers.

Real-world scenarios

Here’s an example of how we collaborate: A client needs to scale up for six weeks of the year, but their Order Management software is licensed per seat. Instead of purchasing 100 more licenses to deal with a seasonal burst, the client relies on Hot Calls’ order management software. The result: Scaling up with no charge for extra licenses.

In another scenario, a client may decide to pay the license fees simply to keep the data in their format. In that case, we access the client application without any intervention or software programming. And if a client wants to enable their application with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), we can assist in various ways.

In all these cases, our programming team learns your preferences and needs and incorporates them into the design and implementation of a custom solution.

"On behalf of my team, I would like to thank your colleague Dolores Stephen for her extremely effective, efficient, courteous and excellent help guiding me through [client name redacted] online accounts interface during the month of September."

- HCI Customer

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