Have Complete Confidence in your Volunteers and Employees

Most companies that perform background checks simply run names through some databases, which are likely not up-to-the-minute current (some states don’t even have central criminal databases). While this may cost less to you up front, in the long term the cost could be insurmountable, if even one questionable person slips through the cracks and causes harm.  

Hot Calls provides accurate, through background searches and checks to non-profit and other charitable organizations. We’ve screened literally thousands of people to keep organizations safe from the risks of child abuse, violence and fraud.

Hot Calls is Your Background Screening Detective
Our background screening process is a manual one where we assume the role of detective to be as thorough as possible. We check all of the databases to be sure, but we don’t stop there. We make phone calls to those who work with, live near, or are otherwise associated with the person being screened, asking relevant questions about temperament, personality, and history. We interview volunteer/contract prospects carefully, with questions designed to detect deception.


Finally, we give you all the data so that you ultimately decide whether or not you want to hire someone.

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