Turn Leads into Sales While You Focus on Closing

As strong as your lead generation programs are, your sales team is hard pressed to follow up with everything in the pipeline. Make your sales force more efficient by enabling them to focus on closing. We’ll move your leads to the appointment stage by working with you to develop effective telemarketing campaigns that put your sales staff face-to-face with qualified prospects.

How it works: Partner with Hot Calls to develop a customized strategy based on your products and services. We’ll team with you on dynamic script writing that guarantees leads are turned into appointments. We identify and recommend preferred call lists and perform database clean-up.

Hot Calls Telemarketing knows how to reach decision makers

The people we put on the phone with your prospects know your industry. So they are confident and commanding when they talk to the big dogs in target companies. And they know just what to say to compel someone to make an appointment, completely secure in going off-script to probe for the pain point or dissatisfaction with their current vendor.

Hot Calls also provides full service lead generation solutions to truly extend your sales team.

“Again, I can’t help but tell you how wonderful one of your employees is. He is incredibly conscientious, knowledgeable, diligent, professional, kind, pleasant-mannered…the list just goes on and on…This kind of dedication is priceless.  You can’t teach it.  It comes from personal integrity. He is a delight to work with and a true gem!”

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