Turn Customers into Advocates

In today’s social media society, news of a bad customer support experience will spread like wildfire. And unfortunately it has become the norm to expect a negative phone experience due to:

  • High wait times
  • Inconsistent or wrong answers
  • Unprofessional, ill-trained, discourteous representatives
  • Cultural differences that lead to communication challenges

In partnership with our clients, we’re revolutionizing the art of customer service. From the moment the phone is answered – “How can we make your day better?” - your customers will experience trained, polite customer service reps who are determined to solve the problem.

During the design phase of the project, we spend extensive time at your location working with you to implement plans and procedures to develop a customer service experience where compliments are the new normal.

Hot Calls provides 100% U.S.-based call center staff at a cost-effective rate

We take a team approach to building and managing a superior staff of U.S.-based customer service representatives that are friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and only work for you. They are not cross trained to work on multiple projects. To us, the word ‘Team’ means that you have access to us at any time. We do not hold up a copy of the contract for each conference call or training session. Our supervisors and project managers also work with your management team daily to ensure process health and improvement.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Dramatically
Customer service is the front line of the company and sometimes the only interaction customers have with your organization. We take each and every call seriously. Hot Calls does not provide good customer service, we provide GREAT customer service.

Recently, one of our client’s customers said this about a Hot Calls customer support representative:

“He is incredibly conscientious, knowledgeable, diligent, professional, kind, pleasant-mannered…the list just goes on and on…This kind of dedication is priceless.  You can’t teach it…” Well actually you can, and we do. We ensure that all of our personnel on the phone with your customers are highly trained and courteous.

When customers have options in the marketplace, customer service can be the difference between a customer that becomes an advocate and influencer or one that becomes disillusioned with your brand and goes to a competitor, especially when prices and products are similar that is because service is the product.

The Hot Calls Approach
We offer a joined-up approach to multichannel customer service that creates a seamless customer experience by integrating:

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Chat
  4. Click to call (chat to voice)

Many times these services are managed by separate teams: one team may deal with phone calls and another with emails, chats and social media. This silo-based structure makes it difficult to create a seamless customer experience. We cross train our representatives in all areas of customer service to ensure everyone is able to engage that customer one on one while maintaining the SLA.  If the chat queue is getting busy, other team members will jump in to ensure customer satisfaction.

“Just wanted to let you all know I am absolutely delighted with the customer service provided to me today. Something has changed BIG TIME with the people answering the phones; in the past I’d wait for a long time to speak with someone that never answered my questions.  Now I wait a couple of minutes to speak with informed, well trained people. Congratulations, you guys have come a long way toward providing great customer service!”

- Satisfied Customer

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