Be Known for Being Proactive

Hot Calls provides partner-level attention on every project, we customize our approach, we meet deadlines, and we strategically focus on your ultimate business goals. Let us be your “bandwidth” for proactively communicating with prospects to turn them into customers and with customers to turn them into advocates.

  • Experience – Hot Calls is a pioneer of successful inbound and outbound call center services
  • Customization – We work with you to understand your products, services, and goals to design a telemarketing and/or service program that meets your business objectives
  • Dedicated teams – The people we put on your team are solely focused on your project
  • U.S.-based – Get all the benefits of a U.S.-based workforce
  • Discovery – Our staff are experts at discerning your customers’ pain points
  • Qualification – We know how to separate the wheat from the chaff (or in this case, the serious prospects from the tire kickers)
  • Perseverance – “No” is not an answer we’re accustomed to hearing – we’re that successful!



Our Services

"The hot line has been a god-send for me.  First, just having a place to call and ask questions is invaluable and sort of one-stop shopping.  I’ve called many times and have always received thorough and complete answers, not just to the direct question, but also the how and why behind it.  This helps with the understanding of how the system works and has provided me with competent answers to the vendors and suppliers I might be dealing with.  It also helps me know what to expect in the future."

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