We Know How to Reach Buyers of Information Technology

Your have a great technology solution to offer the market, but your valuable sales team should be focused on closing deals, not spending hours on end trying to set sales appointments. Leave it to Hot Calls.

The Hot Calls team understands the value proposition for technology companies. We specialize in collecting data and using our proven prospecting tools that will result in a full sales appointment schedule for your company.

We use a highly-qualified prospect nurturing process that generates technology sales leads and presents your sales team with a full slate of sales appointments. We put you in touch with information technology buyers, the ones who will determine if your product or services is the right fit for them, resulting in:

  • In-person meetings
  • Web demo appointments
  • Webinar attendees

Everything Your Team Needs to Close a Deal
Give us a list; we’ll give you back qualified leads and appointments. How do we do it? Experience. We know how to win over the gatekeepers. We persevere – we’ve set many an appointment where today’s “no” became tomorrow’s “yes” – because as you know, timing is everything and we know how to find the decision maker that is looking to buy now. We qualify your leads by engaging them in dialog using our knowledge of your product and company, and give you sales-ready prospects, making your sales team more effective in their follow-up.

Our Drive and Experience Gets Us Through to Hard-to-Reach Technology Professionals
We train with you to understand the value of your tech solution so we can quickly and professionally convey benefits and uncover needs.  Our drive and experience get us through to hard-to-reach information technology professionals.

Hot Calls does all this leg work so your marketing people can focus on strategic top-of-the-pipeline activities and your sales people can focus on face time. Contact us to learn more about our formula for lead gen success in the technology solutions industry.

Hot Calls tees up qualified leads for your sales pipeline. Our team has a solid background in the information technology world - we excel at providing demand generation marketing for companies that would rather focus their sales team's efforts on closing deals.
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