Full Service Lead Generation, Market Research and Database Clean-up Services

With 10 years of experience working with major players in the Fire & Life Safety Industry, Hot Calls has the knowledge and experience to generate the leads and appointments that will keep your sales people in front of potential customers instead of spending time trying to get past the switchboard, gatekeepers and voice mail.

We work with you to not only understand your systems but to understand what makes you different in the marketplace. Why would a potential customer be interested in your service offering and what makes you better than the guy who is calling them tomorrow? We don’t just work from a list of potential customers but we will take the time to research customers to gain valuable information prior to calling them. That added bit of knowledge combined with our systems knowledge can be the difference between gaining the appointment through the customers respect and confidence and losing them.

Hot Calls provides appointment setting and lead generation

It is critical to establish a rapport with the customer and find out what about their current provider makes them less than satisfied. That opening is where the appointment lies. They may be currently under contract, but that is OK, because when that contract comes up for bid, you will be ready to respond to the RFP.  Getting your sales people in front of prospective clients is what we do best so your sales people can do what they do best.


The people we put on the phone with your prospects know your industry. So they are confident and commanding when they talk to the big dogs in target companies. And they know just what to say to compel someone to make an appointment, completely secure in going off-script to probe for the pain point or dissatisfaction with their current vendor.
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