The Expert in Automotive Sales, Service, and Scheduled Maintenance Communications

For 25 years, Hot Calls has excelled at communications related to pre sales, post sales, and service follow-up in the automotive industry.

Automotive Sales
We’ve mastered the art of bringing a prospect back into a dealership after leaving without purchasing a car. We follow up as an independent third party to capture important information that could help drive the customer back into the dealership and lead to a sale.  We not only ask questions but also engage the prospect in a neutral way to get them to open up about their experience. After the sale, we follow up with the customer to make sure they were completely satisfied with the process.

Automotive Service
Competition for service customers is fierce because consumers have many options. It is human nature to go to the dealer or service center that treats you the best. If customers aren’t happy about their experience, they may not let you know, but will likely go elsewhere next time. As a neutral independent 3rd party, Hot Calls keeps you connected to what your customers are thinking. We document a complete narrative of the conversation so you are fully aware of the situation before you follow up with the customer.

Automotive Maintenance
When your customers are due for their scheduled maintenance, is anyone contacting them to either schedule the appointment or at least make sure they are going to get their scheduled maintenance? Are you leaving money on the table? Are you keeping track of how many customers are due for maintenance vs. how many are actually coming in each month?  Hot Calls pulls maintenance schedules from either your Reynolds & Reynolds ERA system or your ADP system and start scheduling maintenance based on your calendar and start taking back some of that money you are leaving on the table each month.

"Your staff has always been very courteous and helpful.  They’ve never just given an answer for the sake of giving an answer if they don’t know for sure.  Instead they say ‘let me check into that and get back to you’.  In my mind, this takes it from a “standard” help line to an “effective and exceptional” help line … and I can’t thank you enough."
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