Don’t Take Our Word for it

Every call center service provider will tell you they are the best at what they do. We’re no different. But what separates us from our competitors is that you don’t have to just take our word for it.

Read what just a few of our clients and their customers have said – unsolicited – about Hot Calls employees. Just a few because to include them all would use up the Internet!

From a client’s customer to a Hot Calls employee: “You’re a Tier 1? I was thinking you were a Tier 2 or Tier 3 for sure, because you had my problem so figured out.”

  • "This kind of dedication is priceless... he is a delight to work with and a true gem. "
  • “Again, I can’t help but tell you how wonderful one of your employees is. He is incredibly conscientious, knowledgeable, diligent, professional, kind, pleasant-mannered…the list just goes on and on…This kind of dedication is priceless.  You can’t teach it.  It comes from personal integrity. He is a delight to work with and a true gem!”
  • “Just wanted to let you all know I am absolutely delighted with the customer service provided to me today. Something has changed BIG TIME with the people answering the phones; in the past I’d wait for a long time to speak with someone that never answered my questions.  Now I wait a couple of minutes to speak with informed, well trained people. Congratulations, you guys have come a long way toward providing great customer service!”
  • "I want to commend her hard work... It is very hard to come by someone who is dedicated and willing to assist. "
  • It is all too often that people complain about CSR operators and I have had my share of unhelpful reps here. In the last four months between our accounts with [client name redacted] and [client name redacted] we have an outstanding receivable amount of $350K, our company is small and that really is a burden for us. I figured out what issues we were having with submitting invoices properly online and resubmitted about 20 invoices. My first encounter with Tammy was a few weeks ago, an end user contact me and advised me that we had submitted a particular invoice several times; long story short she walked me through the steps of submitting credits for the incorrect invoices and submitting the correct invoice. She took her time, was very patient and explained the procedure to me in depth. Today, when I called I spoke with her for a long time but she never once seemed agitated or unwilling to help me look up my 20 invoices. I just want to commend her hard work; it is very hard to come by someone whom is dedicated and willing to assist. I remembered her service not by her name but by her welcome greeting, “Hi, this is Tammy, How can I make your day better!?’’ That greeting right there says enough about her character.
    On behalf of my team, I would like to thank your colleague Dolores Stephen for her extremely effective, efficient, courteous and excellent help guiding me through [client name redacted] online accounts interface during the month of September.
  • Her help was professional, spot-on and just the kind of help that lives up to [redacted]’s fine credo.
  • Dolores' fine work with [client name redacted] Accounts Payable hotline team is most appreciated and worthy of high praise.
  • I thank you again for your help Dolores and would not hesitate to call upon you and / or recommend your work to other firms working with [client name redacted].
  • I wanted to let someone know about the exceptional customer service I received today from Ms. Betty…She helped me resolve an issue that was causing some problems with one of our purchase orders.  I have made a couple of calls and trying to correct a correction that I learned never should have been done.  In trying to correct it, I made a bit of mess.  Ms. Betty helped me identify the problem and gave me step to correct some of it, but it was so convoluted that she took it upon herself to dig into the details of the ticket issue to understand it better after we got off the phone.  In doing so she checked with a  supervisor regarding some of the actions taken to make sure that the final instructions I was given would finally resolve all the issues and discovered that there something else for me to do to correct it all.  She called me back to ensure I got the information today, stayed on the line with me while I did it and is going to make sure once it’s posted, that is gets to the correct parties.  Her extra efforts behind the scenes and her call back to me shows an initiative that customers/clients do not readily receive in this day in age and prompted me to send a complimentary e-mail on her behalf.  I hope that she gets recognized for her diligence and her kind and courteous assistance to a confused user. 
  • The Hot Line has been a god-send for me.  First, just having a place to call and ask questions is invaluable and sort of one-stop shopping.  I’ve called many times and have always received thorough and complete answers, not just to the direct question, but also the how and why behind it.  This helps with the understanding of how the system works and has provided me with competent answers to the vendors and suppliers I might be dealing with.  It also helps me know what to expect in the future. 
  • Your staff has always been very courteous and helpful.  They’ve never just given an answer for the sake of giving an answer if they don’t know for sure.  Instead they say ‘let me check into that and get back to you’.  In my mind, this takes it from a “standard” help line to an “effective and exceptional” help line … and I can’t thank you enough.
  • I am sending this e-mail to recognize the awesome customer service that I received from Tammy Wolfe yesterday and today.  I called customer service yesterday with an invoice that was still outstanding.  Not only did Tammy provide me with all of the information that I needed to fix the issue, she also encouraged me to enter in the credit memos while she was on the phone.  She then verified that she could view them and told me that she would call me with the update tomorrow.

    I arrived this morning at work to the payment advice notice (attached) which shows that the invoice was paid and that the credit memos net the correct invoices.  I thought to myself that this is absolutely wonderful, but then I received a call from Tammy this morning verifying the information.  I just thought this is incredible, and one of the best displays of customer service that I have received in some time.  She really is very thorough, conscientious, and friendly.  I commend you on your caliber of customer service.   Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail, and thank you for having such an excellent employee!

You see us throughout the project, monitoring results and tweaking the program when necessary. We don’t just kick things off and move on, leaving you with the B team.

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