The Advantages of U.S.-based Call Center Representatives

Did you know there are a lot of hidden costs and barriers associated with outsourcing your call center personnel? There are time zone issues, cultural and language differences, not to mention the upfront investment required to select, establish and train the offshore operation. And the actual costs (including legal fees, wages, overhead, taxes, duties and other charges) can easily exceed the wage rate of U.S.-based labor.

Hot Calls Inc. staffs your call center with 100% U.S.-based personnel, who are well-trained, articulate, patient, and natural problem-solvers. At the end of the day, your customers care most about reaching a human who understands and can solve their problems. And that’s exactly what Hot Calls’ workforce provides. We have literally hundreds of testimonials that attest to it.

You see us throughout the project, monitoring results and tweaking the program when necessary. We don’t just kick things off and move on, leaving you with the B team.

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