Hot Calls has grown 100% over the past 3 years, which we attribute to being positioned us as a dependable expert and valuable extension of our clients’ management team. The leadership team of Hot Calls Inc. plays an active role in all client projects.

The Hot Calls Inc. leadership team includes:

Kathleen Brown-Reid, President
After 25 years of customer experience background and training, Kathleen is completely centered on the goals and needs of her clients.  Her passion for everything Hot Calls has secured customers from all industries.  As a testament to what is most important to Kathleen, she is supported by a team of experienced, tenured representatives whose passion clearly mirrors her own.  Kathleen’s platform is to find unique solutions to what companies really want to achieve.  Organizations that partner with Hot Calls can then concentrate on what they excel at and let Hot Calls do what they do best…turning prospects into customers and customers into advocates!

Brian Groves, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Brian has more than 20 years of experience creating, developing and implementing unique customer service solutions and appointment setting programs through the use of dedicated agents that are trained to work exclusively on client campaigns or ongoing projects.

Brian and Hot Calls, as described by clients: “Brian is a ‘can-do’ person and together with his team, provides amazing results. Brian has customer service nailed down. Hot Calls provides excellent, economical research, telemarketing, data mining, and telesales. They have these services down to a science.”

You see us throughout the project, monitoring results and tweaking the program when necessary. We don’t just kick things off and move on, leaving you with the B team.

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