Overseas Call Centers. Do they cost more than you save?

by Hot Calls Inc. | Aug 27, 2015

We’ve all experienced it before. Your internet is out, your phone stopped working, or you want to follow up on a recent change to a plan you have with a company. So you call the customer service number and are connected to “Andrew”. “Andrew” with an accent so thick that you’re not even sure if  “Andrew” is speaking English.

And what happens? Your frustration builds as spell out letter by letter your first name, last name, work (and home) address, email address, phone number and the best number to call you back should you get disconnected, because “Andrew” is in the Philippineans where you have better chance of getting disconnected than you do not having to repeat a sentence.

Now think about how mad you are at not only the customer service rep, but also the company you are doing business with. Is that the kind of interaction you want your customers to have with your business?

Sure, outsourcing can be great. You need some packaging printed for cheap, or plastic manufactured for a tenth of the cost than in the States going overseas can save you a lot of money. And it’s not like your customer will have to speak with your outsourced labor.

But why on earth would you outsource communication duties to some one who can’t do the most important aspect of the job. Communicate!

Customer complaints got so bad for computer giant, Dell, they had to move its call center operations from Bangalore, India back to the U.S or risk losing significant business—particularity from their corporate accounts.Ronald Kronk, a Presbyterian minister in Rochester, Pa describes his experience with Dell’s India call center: "They're extremely polite, but I call it sponge listening — they just soak it in and say 'I can understand why you're angry' but nothing happens,”. He adds Every time I see a Dell commercial on TV, I just cringe. They make it sound so easy and it's been a nightmare," Kronk said. "I even said to them once that I'd like to speak to someone in the U.S. They gave me a number but it's a recording and I can't speak to a human being."


“If a customer is confused or dissatisfied, it could cost a company sales, and they don't want to miss out on opportunities, especially when it comes to big-ticket items.” Frank Witsil of Detroit Free Press says in his piece Call Centers Jobs Increase as More Return from Oversees”

GM in the past five years has moved its call center duties from Buenos Aries, Argentina back to the States. Klaus-Peter Martin, a GM Spokesman said of the move: "We want to provide the best possible service," Martin said, pointing out that a bad experience on the phone with a GM representative could result in a lost sale for the company. "Every touch point is an opportunity."


So you’re just fine with your customers calling your outsourced customer representative. But what happens when you have to speak with your outsourced call center?

Many businesses are growing frustrated with the lack of collaboration between foreign operators and their American-based operations. For one, they’re in a different time zone. And sure, the phone reps are working during American business hours, but often times the owners, or head manager of the call center is not. Why would they, its 3:00 in the morning when you’re calling.

And, often times they themselves do not speak the King’s English, making YOUR INTERACTION JUST AS DIFFICULT.

HotCalls, only employs native English speakers giving your customers the over-phone clarity and satisfaction they demand.  Plus using American call center reps also helps us in becoming experts in our client’s business faster and with a better understanding than that overseas labor.


We are exclusively U.S.-based, and the Hot Calls staff represents your brand with a level of knowledge and enthusiasm that results in higher customer service scores every time.

We invite you to call us anytime to discuss any aspect of our company. Better yet, we invite you to come visit us in person—at any stage in your selection process. You can meet our owners and call center staff. You’ll experience the enthusiasm, identification with our clients’ brands, and commitment to service that sets us apart from other outsourced contact centers.

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