You've Filled the Top of the Sales Funnel. Now What?

by Hot Calls Inc. | Jan 28, 2014

"You will not be successful unless you have prospectors prospecting, closers closing, and inbound lead qualifying done by people in a dedicated qualifying role. If you do that, usually companies triple how fast a qualified lead is generated."

So says Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue and former senior sales executive at Salesforce.com. Is your sales team focused for success? Are your account execs working primarily on closing deals? Are your account managers specializing in nurturing and growing revenues once the account exec has closed the deal?

That would be optimal, but in many companies we see the account execs and managers working higher up in the pipeline to qualify leads from marketing programs. To be most effective you should have dedicated sales development people who specialize in qualifying leads and scheduling meetings to hand off to the closers.

But that role of sales development is most certainly a combination of art and science that is difficult to staff. You need someone hungry enough to call a number 16 times before getting the person on the phone, plus a seasoned business professional who knows how to turn a "no" into a "yes." Finding that skill set in one person is the challenge.

Qualify Leads Strategically

By outsourcing the sales development to a company like Hot Calls, you can free up valuable capital resources to build your closing team. We use a combination of the latest CRM technology and people who are frankly excellent at getting prospects on the phone, discerning pain points, and scheduling a meeting. The rest is up to you!

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