Demand Generation: Are you Focusing on Quality or Quantity?

by Hot Calls Inc. | Jan 15, 2014

The debate about what's more important to achieve sales goals - lots of leads vs. fewer , but high quality leads, is just about as old as the one about which came first - the chicken or the egg, right?

In sales, the term "quality" applies to how well a lead will aid sales effectiveness - a lead that is likely to covert to a sale. A quality lead is something to be coveted, but more often than not, sales teams tend to want quantity - lots of leads they can mine to find those gems that will lead to a sale.

SiriusDecisions recently wrote a blog post about this entitled "Demand Generation: Quality Trumps Quality," in which they reach the conclusion that quality does indeed trump quantity. Here's an except:

Our 2013 SiriusDecisions EMEA Demand Creation survey showed some alarming statistics on the quality of leads that respondents in marketing are sending to sales.  This is compounded by what seems to be a shortfall in putting in place processes such as telequalification, which could move a lead from a simple hand-raiser to a more information-rich understanding of the buyer’s current position before being passed to sales.
Our survey found that among respondents representing more than 400 organizations, more than 27 percent reported that they pass a lead forward as soon as someone “demonstrates an interest in the product or service” (read: raises a hand).  In other words, nearly 30 percent of organizations conduct little, if any, further qualification.
We also found that a mere 21.5 percent of organizations qualify a lead further than simply demonstrating that the potential buyer has a need for the product or service.  Thus, almost 80 percent of respondents do not determine if the potential buyer has defined a requirement or actually has a budget and timeframe in mind.

SiriusDecisions concluded that there's a huge opportunity for companies to implement processes and programs that raise the quality of the leads they are passing on through an outbound telemarketing program. They also found that only 32 percent of its survey respondents are currently using a teleprospecting service.

This is where Hot Calls, Inc. comes in. We specialize in filling the narrow part of the sales funnel with further qualified leads, by utilizing a highly trained staff who make a very compelling case to prospects on behalf of your company. The result is that your sales team can focus on closing the deal instead of sifting through the top of the funnel to find the gems.

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